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Secure Security Consult

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We provide Security Audits and Vulnerability Checks. Skillful investigations and experts in background checks.


Site Specific Security Services

Analysis of existing security policies, procedures viz a viz potential hazards. Voluntary Principles on security and Human Rights practitioners. Provision of Mine Site Security Vehicles and Events management,roving and mobile patrols


Installations of Access Control Systems and Cameras

Installations, Troubleshooting and Monitoring of CCTVs and Access Control Systems. Time Card System


Security Risk Assessment and Management

Concierge services, Evaluation Process/policy implementation<. /p>


Provision of Mine Site Security Vehicles

SSCS is committed to the highest levels of customer service for our clients, from the largest national to smallest local contracts. We appreciate that the customer service we provide is just as important as the quality of our security officers in the overall experience for our clients. We pursue relationship based approach in dealing with our clients, backed by 24 hour supervision


Security Training

Trains a wide spectrum of security officials.Emergency response, planning and exercises. We are also mindful of our role as the first point of contact in any company and that realization is expressed in the integration of Customer Service programmes in the training curriculum of SSCS. This is done in concert with professionals in the field of customer relations.


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Surveillance Systems

We provide CCTV cameras for monitoring based on user's preference as well as access control to ensure a robust real time 24/7 security

Forensic Investigation

Organizations often lack the resources as well as the right skills and backgrounds to effectively conduct a prompt, cost-effective and objective investigation. We seek to offer you a helping hand.



Our department initiated a series of events


SSCS repsects and upholds Human Rights in the discharge or its duties and operations. It holds the view that human rights are basic and fundamental and must not be violated. It understands that in the discharge of its dueites it will encounter issues of rights and thus subscribes to Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights, the international best practice in the management of security, personnel and community risk. Thus the core principles of VPSHR will guide SSCS in its operation and delivery of security services to all clients


SSCS operated in all market segments and has a human and staff centered philosophy. This is seen in its recruitment drive and well-focused staff training. SSCS training schemes provide a variety of site-specific, indistry focus, customer service and client specific programmes, SSCS turns out Security employees who are imbued with skills and best positioned to deliver the highest level of service to our customers,. We offer them a challenging and rewarding career as our employees.