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SSCS personnels are trained to be polite, vigilant and alert at all times. All staff are appropriately chose for thier role and high calibre of our personnels. Our staff retention levels are above industry standards, reflecting excellent site management, focused training, professional development, internal promotion opportunities, and market competitve remuneration.
Verified Security Company
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Highly Qualified Team
Work of high standards
Stayed on upto 3 months
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Our systems covers warrenty
Verified Security Company
Verified Security Company
Resources & Planning
SCS pays attention to detail and tailor services to meet the needs of our clients. Our employess are well scrutinized as a way of ensuring they are amont the best security staff to be recruited. Guards carefully chosen and stand out as excellent customer service providers.
SSCS has significant capacity well trained for emergency security situations.
We stand prepared and equipped to provide services at short notice.
Transistion programme that ensures all contract rollouts are diligently planned and communicated to all stakeholders.
We make sure our clients enjoy the advantage of a well-motivated team ready to deploy when need arises.
Our Vision
To make SSCS a one stop shop where security concerns are addressed professionalism and in line with international best practice. We seek to create greater awareness of the security environment around where we operate and raise the level of security consciousness. We aspire to transform and inspire greater awareness of the environment by making security a way of life.
The mission of SSCS is to provide professional security services that focuses on client satisfaction and meet the test of time: services that makes security a business enabler as well as positions businesses to meet emerging security threats.
Verified Security Company
Our Team
The professional standards and expectations
George is a former operativbe with Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), ghana with seventeen years experience in intelligence and Security related Issues. He is also a Conflict Peace and Security Expert from Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Accra, Ghana. In addition to his experience in the intelligence sector, he has wide range experience in Industrial Security as well as expertise in Security Management and Coordination from Arc International Academy, UK.
George AnyemaDirector Consultancy & Operations
Emmanuel entered the security business with unparalleled credentials in Project Management, an area which is essential in executing projects. . He is credited with expertise and vast experience in Risk Management, His skills in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) gives SSCS the advantage of keeping the requirement of the client on track. He is responsible for finance, strategic business planning and development as well as evaluation of all projects in line with customer needs
Emmanuel Abeereinga(PhD)Director, Projects & Development
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