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As a security Company, SCCS seeks to

  • Attract, reward and retain the highest caliber security personnel by; providing target-specific training programmes to clients; Providing 24-hour support service and supervision for our security personnel
  • Deliver adequate resources capable of managing all client needs
  • Adhere to international best practice.

We seek to value the diverse range of clients – from major national accounts through to smaller local contracts, by rolling out customer focus, personalized service and measured results


We listen to our clients and discuss their individual needs in order to design and implement a quality system plan that fully meets their specific requirements. We also schedule regular meetings with existing clients to review security plans and confirm their effectiveness.
SSCS focuses on carefully structured security programmes to ensure that our personnel are highly-trained to exhibit professionalism in the discharge of duties. Our training programmes, which are site-specific and task-related, ensures that our team employs a unique approach to satisfy each client’s specific needs. Additionally, being the first point of contact in any organization, we have integrated customer service programmes into our training curriculum. While experienced security professionals handle the security aspect of our training sessions, the customer service bit is done in concert with communications experts
All our staff are carefully chosen for their respective roles. In order to retain our well-scrutinized employees, we offer attractive wages, benefits, and incentives. As well, our on-site personnel are supported by well-motivated 24-hour supervisory services. Our high staff retention level is reflected in our excellent service delivery.
SSCS inculcates a culture of safety in its team. For us at SSCS, safety constitutes a way of life and takes precedence over all our activities. We are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our clients, employees, and the environment.

Message to our clients

“In today’s ever-challenging security environment, it is important to partner with an experienced and trusted security service provider. SSCS’ diverse experience lives you with no option than to select SSCS reliable, customer-focused, and well-designed service.”