Our Policies


Health Safety Environment

SSCS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment of its workers and preventing occupational accidents and injuries. As an employer SSCS is responsible for the health and safety of its workers. It makes every effort to provide a heathy and safe work environment. We are dedicated to the objective of eliminating the possibility of injury and illness.

As a management team we take the necessary precaution to prevent harm to employees and we make our trained supervisors to be held responsible for ensuring that workers under their supervision follow this policy.

Security Awareness

There is an overwhelming need for crime prevention measures in an era of high crime wave and sophistication. SSCS advocates pro-activeness to issues of security and consciously sends out security awareness flyers to alert clients on emerging crime wave and the need to stay safe always. Businesses and individuals must stay productive in their endeavours and one way to achieve this goal is to ensure those things that attract intruders and criminal minded individuals are eliminated at home as well as the workplace.

Mining Security

The Management of SSCS have several years experience in managing security of mining establishments and companies. This experience puts SSCS ahead in terms of security of mining industry, issues relating to illegal mining, encroachment of mining concessions and community -policing.

Site Specific Training

SSCS recognizes the need to design training taking cognizance of the peculiar site/ environmental requirements rather generic procedures. Thus, it gives its clients the option of carrying out training within the client’s own setting which gives participants the opportunity situate examples familiar to them.

SSCS designs Post Orders, Procedures, Assignment Instruction among others and gives the client the opportunity to shape their procedures.

Security Risk Assessment

SSCS believes that Security Risk Assessment forms the basis from which security procedures, management plans and Post Orders are designed. Thus, the company places high premium in the conduct of risk assessment before any security endeavor. Its risk assessment model is built on the following;

a.       Identify vulnerabilities

b.       Analyze vulnerabilities

c.       Optimize risk management alternatives


SSCS offers to its client’s professional advice and expertise within the security space. SSCS serves as a business enabler and makes its expertise available to all businesses. This is made possible through the years of accomplished service in both public and private security. Clients stand to benefit greatly from these value-added services which is unparalleled in Ghana in the field of security.

Private Security Services

SSCS offers a range of private security services that are tailored towards achieving maximum protection for any establishment. These services include;

d.       Man guarding

e.       Security Risk Assessments

f.        Design of Security Management Plan

g.       Design of Post Orders

h.       Training and training matrix

i.         Security recruitment

j.         Vetting/Background checks

k.       Security Audits

Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights


Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights are a set of principles designed to guide companies in the extractive industries in maintaining the safety and security of their operations within an operating framework that encourages respect for human rights. SSCS has trainers in VPSHR and offers its services to clients who place value on training in Voluntary Principles.